Friday, May 10th

John Cho, Simon Pegg and Alice Eve arehuge A listers who are the stars of 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' and this morning all three of them were HERE in our studio. 

Simon is a British comedy icon, John is the hottest Asian in Hollywood, and Alice is drop dead gorgeous.

And you can see them all on today's video and simply enjoy a very fun interview on today's podcast!

Here's a nice gallery of pics of their visit.


Huey Lewis is a legendary musician who is about to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Sports'. Has it been that long? 

The remastered deluxe edition goes on sale May 14th and if you want to see the super sexy Mr. Lewis, he'll be coming to town to play at the Woodland Park Zoo on July 7th.

Listen to this interview on today's podcast!


Actor and comedian Michael McDonald is performing this weekend in Bellevue at The Parlor - he rose from groundling comic to movie star and has a new movie coming out with Sandra Bullock "The Heat." 

Listen to our podcast or video to hear how she hurt him, physically...

Here's some pics of Michael's visit to the show!


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