Henry Miller of "Henry's Humdingers Honey"

Henry Miller has been busy since his last visit to our studio a couple of years ago. 

This is the young man who started “Henry’s Humdingers Honey” at age 12 after taking an interest in bee preservation.

Henry combines raw honey with spices to make a very unique line of food products that is now available at supermarkets all over Washington and in 30 other states.

Tonight, you can watch our local entrepreneur on “Shark Tank” where he hopes to secure funds to make “Henry’s Humdingers Honey” business grow even faster! Watch Shark Tank tonight at 9:00pm on ABC.

And listen to Henry and his parents on today's podcast!

Photo: Facebook

UPDATE: Henry was offered a $300,000 deal, but he'd have to give up 75% of his company. On the air he accepted, but he later rejected the offer. He says business really picked up after last Friday's Shark Tank!


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