Monday, May 21st

Former Seahwak player turned Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker, Ed Cunningham was our guest this morning. 

His next film "Finders Keepers" is based on the crazy story about a guy who stashed his severed leg into a smoker in a storage shed and another guy who bought it and the craziness that followed. 

The film is being launched through crowd sourcing, so if you like movies about legs in smokers, you can be a part of it.

Listen to our talk on today's podcast!


First Amendment expert Floyd Abrams is the author of 'Friend of the Court: on the front lines with the First Amendment'. 

He is the foremost authority on matters that have to do with a subject that is in the news today - the AP versus the Obama administration. 

We spoke with him this morning and it was very informative.

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This morning we wanted to find out how we could help the survivors of the devastation after the epic tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. 

We spoke with Ryan Day of the Rick and Brad Show on KATT in Oklahoma City. 

You can also donate $10 quickly and easily by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

Listen to Ryan describe the devastation on today's podcast...


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