On the Show - 7/11 - None of Your Business, Mama June, Hari Kondabolu and Chuck Brodsky


If you have a provocative question, call 877-901-0957 and pick which Bob Rivers Show member you want to answer!

Here are the Ground Rules:

You can ask one question of any show member. They must either answer truthfully or tell you it's none of your business. If they say it's none of your business you win.
Prohibited questions are home addresses, phone numbers, salaries and bank account info.
Other than that, ask what you want... BUT once a question has been asked of a particular show member, it can NEVER be asked of them again. You must tune in or you might miss a juicy answer forever!

Here are some examples of awkward questions you can ask:

1. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

2. How many people have you had sex with?

3. How much do you weigh?

4. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?

5. Have you ever been in an orgy? A threesome?

6. Have you ever felt attracted to someone your own genre?

7. Have you gone more than a day without showering?

8. Do you pick your nose?

9. Have you ever picked up food from the trash and ate it?

10. Have you ever been attracted to a relative?

11. What's been your worst work experience?

12. Were you bullied at school? Were you the bully? Neither?

13. Where do you buy clothes?

14. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

15. Do you have anything to hide from the NSA?

16. Have you ever walked out of a restaurant/bar without paying the check?

17. What's the worse anyone has ever told you about yourself?

18. Is there anyone you are not in talking terms with at the moment?

19. Have you ever done whoopee out in the open?

20. Have you ever been caught red-handed?


And here are the questions already asked:

Has Jodi ever gone commando?  All the time

What is Spike's real name?  James Matthew O'Neill

Has Jodi ever kissed a woman in a sensual way?  Yes

Does Jodi have hardwood floors?  Yes

What did Jodi's sister do that pissed her off?  Started a 
family feud over not letting parents see her kids

Has Joe ever pleasured himself at work?  Not while working in radio

Has Spike ever thought of having an affair?  Yes

Has Spike's one nut affected his sex life?  Yes

Has Spike gotten away with a felony?  No

How much does a radio personality make?  Depends on the position

Has Joe stiffed someone to high or drunk?  No

Who is Bob's favorite co-worker?  Himself

Has Joe called in sick when he wasn't sick?  Yes

Will Arik ever try to have a biological child?  He already tried... and failed

Did Arik get into a fistfight and how did he feel afterward?  He used Thai boxing once to defend against a bully at school and felt relieved when the bully left him alone

What is Jodi's bra size?  36-C

How does Jodi balance her work/home life?  Good nanny

Will Bob cash in on his notoriety on getting his plane stolen by Colton Harris-Moore?  No

What is Doomsday Joe's biggest worry?  His health

Did Bob and Lisa get intimate on the great wheel?  No

Did Arik break the law while working with Tom Leykis?  No

How does Bob feel about KISW?  Grateful

What is Jodi's favorite position?  Up against a tree

Which untruths did Jodi post in her online dating profile?  She didn't post lies but Jodi did not list her profession

Who did Bob vote for in the last gubernatorial election?  Rob McKenna

Does Pedro prefer Venus or Serena Williams?  Both at the same time

How many times has Joe ingested psychadelics?  None of your business!


Mama June is Honey Boo Boo's mom. We talked to her today. It went as we expected.

Listen to the interview on today's podcast or video... or not...


Comedian and writer Hari Kondabolu is an interesting guy - he has a Masters, a cool demeanor, and used to intern for Hilary Clinton. 

Not your stereotypical comedian, but listen to him and you can hear why he's one of the biggest up and comers. Check him out on today's podcast and video.

See him this weekend at the Comedy Underground


Chuck Brodsky is a folk singer/songwriter from Ashville, NC - he's doing a number of shows in the area between now and July 14th

The shows are in Issaquah, Seattle, and Snohomish so there's bound to be one you can get to if you're into songs about baseball. 

Listen to today's podcast and video and enjoy!


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