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I Smell A Rat (Photos)

Ok, I dont actually smell a least not yet. But on a recent trip to my shed to drag out Emily's sled for a trip to the snow I found plenty of evidence that at least one rat has decide to take up residence in my outbuilding.

 Its hard to believe I have made it this far in life without having a rodent problem but I have. Whats the best thing to do to deal with these critters ? Bob says trap them live and give them a ride to the woods. Others say the only good rat it a dead rat and to nuke 'em with poison. Kelli says spend some cash and call a professional. Any tips on how to deal with these varmits ?

 By the way here are a few photos of the place where the rat is calling home including a shot of his suspected entry as well as a little of the "evidence" that alerted me to the problem.

Pretty big shed for a rat house...

Looks like he chewed his way in here     

No jokes about how much junk I have in my shed please

looks like rat scat to me

Lots of ivy behind the shed.  Should I get rid of it?

Cheers, Joe


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