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Who is the Greatest Showman on Earth ? (PHOTOS)

I have seen many great bands and concerts over the years. From my days as a kid seeing acts like the Jackson Five to my many years of following Jerry Garcia around live music has been a huge part of my life.

On the eve on being lucky enough to get to take my daughter Emily to see Sir Paul McCartney at Safeco I starting pondering the question of who is the single greatest PERFORMER I have ever seen.

I saw Garcia play with The Dead over a hundred times and, while he is one of the most special musicians ever put on this earth, he was not a charismatic entertainer or showman.

Peter Gabriel is certianly high on my list and the first time I saw him at the Paramount after he broke away from Genesis will always rank as a very special show.

Roger Waters has possibly provided more "Oh Wow" moments than anyone. I was there for Radio KAOS where he let people call him onstage from a phone booth in the Audience.

I was there when he buzzed the Gorge with a jet airplane, when he played the entire Dark Side of The Moon and when he tore down The Wall.

David Bowie puts on a fine show and the last time thru Seattle at Key Arena was one of his best.

Bruce Springsteen is called "The Boss" for a reason and Neil Young always delivers..... BUT ....

If it comes down to the greatest SHOWMAN on Earth. A guy who can bring out the emotion of the sheer joy of being alive and celebrating this big blue ball we are all sharing simply by singing a song.

I think that guy is Sir Paul McCartney. I never got to see a Beatles concert and, from what I have heard they were not that great anyway unless you enjoy hearing people scream. BUT...I have seen Paul three times and, were I to make a list of the ten best shows I have ever attended, all three of these would be on the list.

My question to you is.....If Sir Paul McCartney is not the Greatest Showman on Earth then who is ?

Cheers and Hope To See You at the Rockshow!



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