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PHOTO - We Found the Culprit!

Cole + Shpresa & Lewis + Clark

Source: Imgur

What you see here could be described as love, or it could be described as defacing a national monument... Or it could be both... Problem is, it's against the law to deface a national monument.

The Bureau of Land Management found the man that etched his and his wife's names on the Pompeys Pillar National Monument and his name if Cole Randall. Here's a picture of Cole and his wife...

Cole and Shpresa are a folk singing duo from Minnesota that calls themselves "Flora Cash." Here's a video of them playing the pumped up kids song...

The BLM law enforcement has contacted Cole and he has admitted to the crime. A damage assessment will be conducted at the site to determine what his penalty will be.

Cole has offered a lengthy explanation and apology that you can read here...

What do you think should be his penalty?


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